a handy pos for all major retail shops and stores.

-  A Complete GST Billing Application - Handles large volume of data without any issues.
-  Supplier Management - Supplier Info with credit days & Supplier Invoice handling.
-  Inventory Management - Stock Tracking & handling with stock value monitoring.
-  Customer Management - Customer Info with credit limits & sales invoice handling.
-  Barcode Integration - Automatically fills credentials using barcode & New barcode creation in case of unavailability.
-  Quotation - Quotation Preparation.
-  Sales Invoice - Automatic Bill Generation.
-  Product Price - Product Price based on product price setting, last supplier invoice & choosing from supplier invoices.
-  Bill Printing - Estimate/ Delivery Bill, Non Tax Receipt, Tax Receipt, Sales Bill and Tax Invoice.
-  GST Ready - Proper Output with correct taxation.
-  Accounts - A complete accounting with all transaction based on cash, online payments, dd & cheque with credits and debits showing, how much cash is in your cash box. that’s why its eCashbox.
-  Business Reports - All type of reports for sales, inventory and stocks with stock value.

eCashbox Offline

-  Ledger Report - Report with date for viewing a complete transaction between those dates.
-  Summary Report - Report with date for viewing the summary of all transactions and shows the cash available in your cash box that’s why eCashbox.
-  Earnings Report - Report with date to show how much earnings received. Based on date, bill and product wise.
-  Reduces time spent on administration makes Time Saving.
-  Increase store profitability makes Increase Business Profit.
-  Complete control on stock with stock value.
-  Business intelligence & Automatic calculation for tax and generating GST invoice.


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